Roll-to-roll inkjet printer - laser heating

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Roll-to-roll inkjet printer - laser heating

General Information

FIC: Guy Telsnicki

Location: BRK 1100A

System Information

General Description

Single pass inkjet printing is ideal for a wide variety of high-volume manufacturing applications. The DICE lab Process Development Printer is a modular, roll-to-roll print system that uses the proven DICE (Digital Inkjet Color Engine) printing sub-system to print inks and other fluids onto roll-fed substrates. This enables manufacturers to quickly bring new inkjet applications from concept to production, using real-world production print heads


Expandable modular design
Precision register of print heads and substrate via arched roller design of print engine
Web Substrate: PET , paper, fabric etc
Minimum Material Width: 1 inch
Maximum Material Width: 17 inch
Printing Width: 2.5 inch (65.5mm)
Maximum Printing Width: expandable up to 15 inch
Maximum Tension: 30 Lbs
Tension Accuracy: +/-0.1 Lbs
Web Speed Min: 0 ft/min
Web Speed Max: 160 ft/min
Cantilever pneumatic core chucks on unwind/rewind: 3 in dia
Servo web steering on unwind
Manual splice station
Number of inkjet fluids: 4
Recirculating ink system: Yes
Automatic non-contact Head Tending via Vacuum Knife
Print head: Fujifilm SG1024
Cross-web Printing Resolution: 400 dpi (63.5um)
Imaging Software

Materials Compatibility

Not Applicable

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* Must use iLab and be a trained user to reserve a slot on this system.