Slot-die/Microgravure roll-to-roll coater

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Slot-die/Microgravure roll-to-roll coater

General Information

FIC: Guy Telsnicki

Owner: BRK

Location: BRK 1100A

System Information

General Description

Micro Gravure: A gravure roll engraved with patterns or cells to provide a specific coating volume. It is used in a reverse kiss coating method in which the roll is partially submerged in a pan of solution. The roll rotates in the opposite direction of the web, and the cells pick up the coating solution. The flexible doctor blade lightly smoothes off the excess and the precisely measured solution in the cells is then transferred to the web.

Slot Die: Slot Die-Micro slot die is very useful when a coating method other than MICROGRAVURE™ is necessary. For example, slot die handles thin to thick layers of multilayer ceramic capacitors very well and it does an exceptional job coating lithium-ion battery electrodes.


Materials Compatibility

Coats on thin substrates such as PET, PC, PP, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, paper and fabric