Biaxial film stretcher

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Biaxial film stretcher

General Information

FIC: Miko Cakmak

Owner: Miko Cakmak

Location: BRK 1153

System Information

General Description

This custom built biaxial stretcher unit allows for the monoaxial, simultaneous biaxial, or sequential biaxial orientation of polymer films. Instrumented CCD camera, spectral system, and load cells on both stretching axes allow for determination of true stress, true strain, in-plane and out-of-plane birefringence of the sample in real time during stretching experiments.

  • Heated chamber with sliding glass door allows for temperature control and stability.
  • Cross-polarized white light spectral setup passes through sample at both 0 and 45 degrees for calculation of in-and-out-of plane birefringence.
  • Pneumatic clamps hold sample firmly in place during stretching process.
  • UV light accentuates fluorescent yellow dot pattern tracking for accurate true strain measurements.
  • Cooling fan allows for quick quench to room temperature after heated stretching.


  • Stretching temperature up to 185°C.
  • Maximum stretching rate: 50 mm/s (3000 mm/min)
  • Maximum clamp pressure: 175 psi.
  • Any linear or non-linear stretching profile can be programmed.

Materials Compatibility

Polymer film, sheet, rubbers or gels.

Useful Links

* Must use iLab and be a trained user to reserve a slot on this system.