Panasonic E620 Etcher

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Panasonic E620 Etcher

General Information

iLab Name: Panasonic

iLab Core: BRK Etch Core

FIC: Joerg Appenzeller

Owner: Sean Rinehart

Location: Cleanroom-Bay K

Max Wafer Size: 6 inches

System Information

General Description

This plasma system etches a wide variety of substrates, including III-V materials, polymers, and metals.


The Panasonic E620 is a plasma etch tool capable of using a 1250 watt inductively coupled RF plasma and 600 watt capacitive bias allowing for highly anisotropic etches. It etches a wide range of materials using Ar, CHF3, CF4, SF6, Cl2, N2, O2, and BCl3 as process gasses. Samples are cooled by way of helium backside cooled electrostatic chuck. Additional features include end point monitoring, error logging, and storage for 99 recipes

Materials Compatibility

Not Applicable