PMMA Vacuum Oven

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PMMA Vacuum Oven

General Information

FIC: Shared

Owner: Dave Lubeski

Location: Cleanroom Bay N

Max Wafer Size: 12"x12" (tray size)

System Information

General Description

The Cascadetek TVO-2 is a vacuum oven for soft baking PMMA and other resists on temperature sensitive substrates before Evaporation/Sputtering.

For sufficient evaporation of solvents at atmospheric pressure, PMMA requires soft baking at 180 0C, and common photoresist requires ~100 0C. However, some substrates may be damaged by these temperatures. Baking at temperatures below these at atmospheric pressure will not completely evaporate the solvent in reasonable time periods. Insufficiently soft bakes resist will contaminate vacuum equipment and lead to poor process results. 

In a vacuum, evaporation is significantly sped up. The TVO-2 can operate at pressure up to 38x lower than atmospheric pressure, allowing for complete evaporation at a reduced temperature. The oven takes significantly longer to reach equilibrium than common hot plates, and temperatures different from the set point should be discussed with BNC Staff.


Temperature Range: Normally set at 80 C, capable of 30 0C to 220 0C

Temperature Uniformity: +/-6.5% of set point

Vacuum Pressure: Down to 20 mTorr

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* Must use iLab and be a trained user to reserve a slot on this system.