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General Information

iLab Name: Axic

iLab Core: BRK Growth Core

FIC: Shared

Owner: Sean Rinehart

Location: Cleanroom Bay R

Max Wafer Size: 8

System Information

General Description

A general-purpose Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition system for oxide and nitride deposition.


The system has following gases:

  1. 10% Silane (SiH4)/balance N2
  2. N2O
  3. NH3
  4. CF4
  5. O2
  6. N2

It accommodate up to 8" substrate or a variety of smaller substrate sizes.

  • Maximum RF power: 600W @ 13.56MHz
  • Maximum electrode temp: 300C
  • Minimum base pressure: 20 mTorr

Materials Compatibility

Not Applicable

Useful Links

* Must use iLab and be a trained user to reserve a slot on this system.