Lab-Line 3527 Bench Top Orbit Environ Shaker / Incubator

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Lab-Line 3527 Bench Top Orbit Environ Shaker / Incubator

General Information

FIC: Shared

Owner: Tim Kwok

Location: 2043

System Information

General Description

Shaking incubator for growth of bacterial cultures


Lab-Line’s Model 3527, Bench Top Environ Shaker combines a controlled temperature incubator with an orbital shaking mechanism in a bench top design. Temperature can be controlled from slightly above ambient to 65°C. A constant speed blower circulates air evenly throughout the chamber, eliminating uneven heating. A solid state speed controller allows for variable speeds between 40 and 400 orbits per minute. An electronic tachometer displays the shaker speed. A triple eccentric shaker mechanism, powered by a 1/15 HP motor, imparts a ¾" circular motion to the shaker platform. The drive rotates on nine permanently lubricated ball bearings. The entire drive is isolated from the shaker chamber, thus preventing damage to the mechanism should glassware accidentally break in the chamber. A timer allows for continuous operation or timed shaking up to 60 minutes. An acrylic cover allows for undisturbed viewing of the entire shaking chamber.

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