Agilent 5500 AFM

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Agilent 5500 AFM

General Information

iLab Name: Agilent5500_BRK

iLab Core: BRK Metrology Core

FIC: Arvind Raman

Owner: Arvind Raman

Location: BRK 1089

Max Wafer Size: 1cm

System Information

General Description

The Agilent 5500 AFM is a modular and flexible microscope to operate in air and fluid. It includes the following features:
  • Operates with a MAC III Mode controller which provides three lock-in amplifiers.
  • Two multipurpose scanners: large (scans up to 90 microns square), small (scans up to 10 microns square)
  • Five nose assemblies for modes: MAC, CSAFM, Contact Mode, AAC, STM
  • Sample plates (five, including one for MAC mode)
  • Vibration Isolation Chamber
  • Video system
  • Environmental chamber

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