Nikon Eclipse E600 Upright Fluorescent Microscope

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General Information

FIC: Cagri Savran

Owner: Cagri Savran

Location: 2077

System Information

General Description

Research microscope for observation of biological samples


The mid-tier microscope incorporates completely new specifications adopted for the CFI60 series objectives, including a 60-millimeter parfocal distance, a 25-millimeter thread size, and a standard 22-millimeter field of view. An ergonomic design allows for longer periods of comfortable observation. The E600 is equipped with a detachable substage, a 12-volt 100-watt tungsten-halide lamp, filter magazine, and a choice of sextuple nosepiece or sextuple DIC nosepiece. The microscope features a longer focal length tube lens, a characteristic feature of the new CFI60 infinity optical system, and a new multiple point rigid design for attaching accessories. Advanced universal objectives allow for multiple observation techniques -- such as brightfield, darkfield, Nomarski DIC, epi-fluorescence or phase contrast -- eliminating the need to change objectives while maintaining the same optical quality as dedicated lenses.

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