Manual probe station - Signatone H-150

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Manual probe station - Signatone H-150

General Information

FIC: Marshall Porterfield

Owner: Guy Telesnicki

Location: Bio-Cleanroom

System Information

General Description

The H-150 is designed specifically for the testing of hybrids, MCM's, wafers, substrates, and photonics devices


H-150 Series Probe Stations include a three inch square device / substrate chuck and are primarily designed for probing thick film devices such as ceramic substrates, printed circuit boards and hybrid circuits. The H-150 system can be equipped with a four inch diameter wafer chuck for probing wafers up to four inches in diameter.

The modular design provides a wide number of options to suit a broad range of needs. This model includes an aluminum base casting, a device stage with four inches of X-Y travel, a linear motion platen that can be raised and lowered using either a crank or a lever, and a microscope tower for mounting Stereozoom optics in a fixed position. The platen will accept up to six magnetic based micropositioners and a probe card adapter for use with probe cards. Micropositioner electrical connections are made through six pin jacks that correspond to color coded banana plugs.

Materials Compatibility

Not Applicable