Low Noise RF & Microwave Probe Station

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Low Noise RF & Microwave Probe Station

General Information

iLab Name: Cascade PMC200

iLab Core: BRK Characterization Core

FIC: Dana Weinstein

Owner: Nithin Raghunathan

Location: J-Bay Lab

System Information

General Description

The PMC200 can be used for testing wafers and substrates up to 200 mm in a cryogenic environment. It is capable of a wide range of measurements including I-V, C-V and RF, and can be used for probing down to 77 K with liquid nitrogen or 4 K with liquid helium. Application flexibility is ensured for DC and RF measurements of micro fabricated devices.

PMC200 is outfitted a video microscope and RF micro-positioners for RF & DC measurements.

Materials Compatibility

Not Applicable

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* Must use iLab and be a trained user to reserve a slot on this system.