Dilution Refrigerator - Oxford Triton 300

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Dilution Refrigerator - Oxford Triton 300

General Information

FIC: Peide Ye

Owner: Jerry Shepard

Location: Cleanroom bay F

Max Wafer Size: 290mm diameter

System Information

General Description

Triton™ dilution refrigerator is a versatile Cryofree® research tool for applications in quantum technology and condensed matter physics at temperatures < 10 mK. It is equipped with a superconducting 12 Tesla magnet, bottom sample-loading mechanism, signal wiring and optical windows to make it suitable for any ultra-low temperature measurement.


  • Cooling Power: up to 12 uW at 20 mK
  • Solenoid magnet up to 12 T field
  • Easy sample access with loading taking <15 minutes
  • Up to 14 RF and 51 DC connections on a single sample puck
  • ESD protection via sample grounding or biasing before the puck docks with experimental wiring

Technology Overview

Triton cryogen free dilution refrigerators are software controlled via a high quality PC running Windows 10, providing system automation of refrigerator routines and programmable temperature/field sequences. 

System automation

  • Fully automatic cool-down/warm-up routines
  • Fully automatic pre-cooling/mixture collection
  • Sample change wizard for systems with bottom- or top-loading sample exchange load-locks
  • Fully integrated magnet control via our magnet field control software, making field setting easy, even with vetor magnets in two or three dimensions 

Experimental control

  • Programmable temperature and field sequences
  • Programming library supplied with example LabVIEW Vis
  • Integration of dilution refrigerator / magnet control and experimental data acquisition

In-built safety features

  • Continuous monitoring of all pressure gauges
  • System automatically enters 'safe state', if necessary
  • Automatic software intervention in case of over pressure with fail-safe in-line pressure relief valves, protecting the mixture and dilution refrigerator in the event of extended power failures
  • UPS option – automatic alert emails can be sent to user in the event of a power failure
  • Monitoring of magnet temperature during field sweep, high temperature control and sample loading
  • Automatic magnet de-energisation in the event of power cut, pulse tube cooler failure, or excessive heat load on second stage cooling

Triton command interfaces

  • Platform independent remote scripting interface
  • Standard internet (TCP/IP) protocol
  • Compatible with any programming language that can access the TCP port e.g. LabVIEW / Matlab / Python / C / C++ / C# / Visual Basic / HP VEE, etc.
  • Monitoring and control of automatic software routines and system parameters
  • Definable access levels (read only/read-write) with security

User support

  • Remote system access by Oxford Instruments support staff can be enabled to aid system diagnostics
  • All system settings are backed up prior to shipping from the factory

The above information is also now available on the wiki at the following link: https://wiki.itap.purdue.edu/display/BNCWiki/Triton+Dilution+Refrigerator

Materials Compatibility

Not Applicable

Useful Links

* Must use iLab and be a trained user to reserve a slot on this system.