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Bruno Ribeiro

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

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University of Massachusetts Amherst Ph.D. in Computer Science, Title: “On the Design of Methods to Estimate Network Characteristics” Department of Computer Science Advisor: Don Towsley May 2010., Federal University of Rio de Janeiro B.S. & M.S. in Informatics & Computer Engineering. March 2001, July 2003

Research Interests

Data Mining, Network Science, Computer Networks, Statistical Models & Inference

Research Impact

The overarching theme of my work is the principled forecasting, measurement, analysis, and mining of large-scale complex social and communication systems. Networks are everywhere as they naturally frame some of the highest impact computing applications: from online social networking, to Web search, to product recommendations, to mobile ad-hoc networking. My research blends practical issues with theory, focused on how new theoretical results can advance novel applications.