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Nithin Raghunathan

Research Scientist

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Phone: +1 765 49-67326
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BS, Electrical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette (2007); PhD, Electrical Engineering, Purdue University (2014)

Research Impact

MEMS switches for Impact Threshold Detection. Developed and fabricated MEMS g-switches for discretely detecting impact accelerations up to 60,000 g; Designed and developed an ultra-low power wireless platform for measuring occupational radiation dosimetry. Designed circuit can measure radiation sensitive MOS capacitors to obtain mRad resolutions. Designed and developed wirelessly powered, wireless temperature sensors to monitor pharmaceutical lyophilisation processes and other industrial processes. Small form factor temperature sensors can simultaneously measure temperature at three distinct points to indicate end of cycle in processes.; Oversees the electrical characterization facility and the LyoHUB demo facility. Microfabrication, General processing and characterization. New user processing help.