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rsch_tcesThe BBC anticipates growing opportunities for grant programs in Nanomedicine Center initiatives based upon NIH's new strategic focus (NIH roadmap and NCI In response, the Bindley Bioscience Center and the Birck Nanotechnology Center are developing sponsored research activities that are program based and linked to Nanomedicine at Purdue. These efforts will also be linked to the Purdue Cancer Center research activities and developed as a cooperative effort to enhance the multi-investigator/multi-disciplinary research activities on campus.

As part of the developing organizational structure in this area, the newest technology Research Core for Bionanotechnology is being formed thanks to the efforts of a number of faculty on campus including Don Bergstrom, Alex Wei, V. Jo Davisson, Albena Ivanisevic, David Janes, Cagri A. Savran Chelsey Baertsch, Arvind Raman, Jim Leary . The laboratories and facilities in this new Core will be housed and developed under both the Birck and Bindley Centers.

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tmb Diet & Disease Prevention Drug Discovery/Delivery Nanomedicine Tissue & Cellular Systems

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Interdisciplinary life sciences and engineering researchers collaborate to explore new technologies and scientific knowledge that impact the broad boundaries of plant, animal, and human diseases.


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