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Health & Disease Biomarkers

rsch_hdbThe relationship between biological systems under investigation and the chemical and informatics tools needed to advance innovative research in the area of chemical and structural biology will be developed and implemented by establishing of high throughput technology cores. These cores thrive on the capacity of originality and responsiveness of the Bindley Bioscience Center.

Chemical Diversity Libraries

  • Create centralized resources by integrating chemical library synthesis efforts.
  • Create chemical diversity by promoting new multi-investigator approaches.
  • Probe biological function by establishing new sets of tools.

Drug Discovery

  • Create new molecular assays and biological systems relevant to disease models or for
    regenerative systems.
  • Design new nanoscale tools for measurement of chemical interactions in biological systems.
  • Converge hardware and software technologies for high-content cellular imaging and analysis.

Discovery Informatics Create tools for chemical biology data mining

  • Discover tools for data integration and visualization.
  • Develop tools for diversity evaluation and library design.
  • High Throughput Protein Production and Crystallization Extend and leverage current capacity in structural biology.
  • Use chemical libraries to interrogate bio-molecular structure and dynamics.

Interdisciplinary Themes

tmb Diet & Disease Prevention Drug Discovery/Delivery Nanomedicine Tissue & Cellular Systems

About Bindley

Interdisciplinary life sciences and engineering researchers collaborate to explore new technologies and scientific knowledge that impact the broad boundaries of plant, animal, and human diseases.


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