Cancer Research and Biomarker Discovery

The Bindley Bioscience Center provides unique capabilities that support researchers focused on biomarker discovery and cancer research from various disciplines. The expansion of the center to house our new Multidisciplinary Cancer Research Facility capitalizes upon our synergy with the Purdue Center for Cancer Research to provide flexible laboratory space that fosters ongoing collaborations. Our integrative approach combines the capabilities of our core facilities and research scientists to catalyze cutting-edge cancer research in drug discovery, disease biomarker identification, nanomedicine, targeted delivery technologies, novel therapies and diagnostics. Our strength in bioanalytical measurement systems, particularly the innovative application of technologies in biological systems to identify and characterize biomarkers of both disease and health, has empowered cancer researchers to make significant advances in several types of cancer, including pancreatic, bladder, prostate, cervical, lung and brain.

Affiliated faculty:


Natasha Nikolaidis
Operations Manager
Phone: (765) 494-5997