1. Contact Laboratory Animal Practice (LAP) for:
    o IACUC application and deadlines
    o Training courses
    o Qualification forms 
  1. Contact Sylvia Schlegel to arrange:
    o Mouse/rat housing 
  1. Submit IACUC Application or Amendment through COEUS.
  1. Obtain Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) approval:
    o Robert Golden
    o Rachael DeRudder

  2. Contact Judy Hallett at TGEF,, to schedule a project design meeting (for all gene editing projects).

    After IACUC and IBC approval numbers have been obtained:

  3. Submit TGEF Service Request and Billing information through iLab

  4. Provide DNA, RNA, cells, mice as applicable. 
  1. Receive tail tips for screening when pups are weaned (gene editing projects only). 
  1. Submit tail tip result form to TGEF identifying desired founders (gene editing projects only). 
  1. Mice/rats are transferred to PI’s animal facility.

Judy Hallett
Core Director