Core Capabilities

The Gene Editing core provides  expert consultation and study design for researchers. After a planning session with researchers, the core will design the protocol and select gRNA and HR donor plasminds. After validation, we will proceed with clonal selection and confirmation. Depending on the cell types, a KO clone can be selected in as few as 24 colonies, and the whole process can be completed in as few as 12 weeks.


  • Cell Genotyping
  • CRIPR KO cell lines
  • CRISPR KI cell lines
  • Heteroduplex assay
  • Vector construction
  • Project consultation and experimental design
  • Vector construction, design of gRNA and ssODN for HDR
  • Validation of gRNAs
  • Generation of CRISPR KO/KI pools
  • Clonal selection of CRISPR KO/KII
  • Confirmation of CRISPR KO/KI consequencs
  • Detail editing results