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Phillip SanMiguel

Genomics Facility Director
Phone: (765) 496-6328

Phillip SanMiguel joined the laboratory of Jeffrey L. Bennetzen of the Department of Biological Sciences Purdue University in 1987 as a technician. He obtained his PhD from the Purdue Genetics Program as a student in the Bennetzen lab in 1998. His thesis research involved plant genomics, including the discovery that most of the maize genome comprised nested LTR retrotransposons. This observation explained the so-called, C-valve paradox, difference between large grain genomes like maize and much smaller genomes like the closely related sorghum. In 1999 he established the Purdue Genomics Core Facility which operated in the sub-basement of Whistler Hall in the College of Agriculture. He continues to direct the Purdue Genomics Core, which moved to the Bindley Bioscience Center in 2020.