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Bindley Bioscience Center enables discovery and new technologies for basic and translational life sciences research

The Bindley Bioscience Center (BBC) has been awarded 14 grants since the Center began in April 2002 for a total of $16,645,596 in sponsored program research. The BBC also is working with 16 "in-house" or pilot projects that provide preliminary research results that can lead to larger sponsored research projects. This number of projects continues to grow as faculty with interdisciplinary ideas seek to engage with the BBC. Pilot projects add specificity and credibility to large Center grant proposals requiring cores that include several projects.

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All of these BBC projects inherently have engagement possibilities that may be cultivated both with Purdue faculty as well as external partners. Several new interdisciplinary projects have been enabled by the BBC's ability to provide expertise and the instrumentation. Furthermore, the BBC brings practical experience gained both within and outside of academia to move projects forward with an efficiency rarely seen in academic research projects.

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Interdisciplinary life sciences and engineering researchers collaborate to explore new technologies and scientific knowledge that impact the broad boundaries of plant, animal, and human diseases.


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