The Core provides bioinformatic analysis services for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data in various applications to support biological research. A distinguishing feature of the Core is its experience with several non-model organisms. A list of NGS applications in different species for which the Core has provided data analyses can be found below. The Core also provides consultation for experimental design and software selection, training through workshops and letters of support for grant proposals that incorporate the Core in its research budget. Please contact us for further information.

NGS ApplicationSpecies
RNA-Seq Cattle; Mosquito; Cockroach; Zebrafish; Pig; Maize; Soybean; Mouse; Common bean; Wheat; Petunia; Sweet potato; Walnut; Sheep; Cyanobacteria; Acacia; Horseweed; Arabidopsis; Hessian fly; Listeria; Tomato; Apple; Drosophila; Moth; S. aureus; Fern; Horse weed
Noncoding RNA-Seq Human; Mouse; S. aureus
SNP and CNV Plasmodium; Sweet potato; Walnut; Sorghum; Maize; Arabidopsis; Honey bee; Listeria; S. aureus; Zebra fish; Honey bee
SSR Sweet potato; Moniliophthora; Guyanagaster; Coffee rust; Stenocarpella
miRNA Human; Mouse; Cat; Zebrafish; Wheat
Metagenomics Horse; Termite; Soil; Listeria
Metatranscriptomics Termite; Soil
Transcriptome Assembly Sweet potato; Walnut; Acacia
Genome Assembly Cotton; Listeria; Acetobacter
Gene Prediction Cotton; Listeria; Stenocarpella; Acetobacter
Gene Annotation Sweet potato; Acacia; Hessian fly; Cotton; Stenocarpella; Listeria; Acetobacter; Horse weed
  • Histone Modifications
  • BS-Seq
  • MeDIP-Seq
  • MNase-Seq
Common bean; Switch grass Switch grass; Wheat Human; Switch grass Mouse
Phylogenomics Cotton; Moths; Fungi; Listeria
RAD-Seq Tick; Lasthenia
Comparative Genomics Walnut; Acacia; E. coli
Microarray Cyanobacteria; Pig
BAR-Seq Yeast
siRNA screening Human
GBS Soybean