Courses at Purdue

Campus Courses

There are several courses related to bioinformatics that are offered at Purdue University. A partial list of courses is included here. Please follow their links for more information.

Genomics (AGRY 60000)

Introduction to Bioinformatics (BIOL 47800, CS 47800, CNIT 22700)

Biomedical informatics (CNIT 45800)

Protein Bioinformatics (BIOL 56310)

Bioinformatics computing and systems integration (CNIT 55800)

Bioinformatics Algorithms (CS 57900)

Bioinformatics Seminar (STAT 58100)

Computing for life sciences (CS59000-CLS)

Bioinformatics Minor

Requirements for the Minor (16 credits)

Other Training and Workshops

Offered by Bioinformatics Core