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Purdue Lectures in Ethics, Policy, and Science

Purdue's Lectures in Ethics, Policy, and Science gives philosophers, policy-makers, and scientists the opportunity to discuss a diverse range of current ethical issues. The Lectures seeks to strengthen these discussions and relationship through the continued development of thoughtful and provocative public discussions. Hosting eminent scholars each year from across the world brings new perspectives to the Purdue community on these issues. Each talk is then made available in our online media library.


The Lectures in Ethics, Policy, and Science project is intended to:


- Facilitate interdisciplinary discourse on key issues in science, ethics, and policy

- Promote ethically responsible development of science, technology, and policy at Purdue

- Establish connections among a full range of regional science policy and bioethics institutions and programs

- Involve philosophy in policy and ethics decisions at a campus-wide level

- Build opportunities for engagement for students and faculty

- Broaden the scope of bioethics to include issues of nonhumans and the environment, including issues related to climate change.

- Involve nationally-recognized scholars in diverse discussions of bioethics


Originally developed and led by two doctoral students in Philosophy, Jonathan Beever and Nicolae Morar, the Lectures is graciously supported by a network of top administrators, faculty, and programs across the University and facilitated by two graduate students, one in philosophy and one in political science.  The strength of this program lies in the relationships it builds and the discussion opportunities it creates. We hope you'll join us at this year's events!

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