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Eric Weber: Culture, Poverty, and Justice: Responsibilities of Individuals and Institutions

February 10 @ 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM - MRGN 121

Eric Weber's research focuses on ethical leadership, democracy, and education. He is a Contributing Columnist for The Clarion Ledger of Jackson, MS, the state's major newspaper. He also writes for The Prindle Post. He is an associate professor of Public Policy Leadership and affiliated faculty member in the School of Law and in the department of Philosophy at the University of Mississippi. Dr. Weber is the author of Democracy and Leadership and Uniting Mississippi. He earned my Ph.D. in Philosophy in 2007 at Southern Illinois University.

Culture both reflects and shapes economic conditions and consequent matters of justice, such as hyper-incarceration. Dominating groups have long maintained and justified hierarchical citizenship and privilege with uses of language, beliefs, practices, and institutions. At the same time, responsibility for success or failure in education or in life is shared, which is used often to blame the victims of disadvantage for their circumstances. The powers which establish, maintain, and change culture are shared among individuals and institutions. In this presentation, I will argue that the wider public and our institutions share responsibility for redressing injustices rooted in our culture, which maintain undemocratic inequalities of citizenship.

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