ENTR 501 - Technology Realization/Commercialization/Entrepreneurship

ENTR 501    MGMT 590    TECH 581

Spring 2021

Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship


Tim Peoples, tpeoples@purdue.edu

Limited term lecturer with the Burton Morgan Center

Course Description

What to learn more about patents, licensing and starting your own company? 

ENTR 501 is an introductory course covering topics that take students from the bench to the market place.  Students will be taught various tools and techniques and how to apply them through case studies and a class project.  The course will focus on the evaluation of novel technologies and the formulation of a business case, which includes a technology description, intellectual property, target market analysis, competitive landscape analysis, product development plans, and financing strategy.  Evaluation will be based on attendance, homework assignments, and a progressive technology realization project. This is a 2 credit course.