The Faculty Entrepreneurial Learning Academy FAQ

How Can I Participate in the Faculty Entrepreneurial Learning Academy?

The call for applications usually takes place in the Spring (March-May).  If you would like to be notified when applications open, please contact Emily Bear (

Who is eligible to participate?

The Academy is open to all tenure track faculty.  This includes both research faculty and clinical faculty.

What is needed in the application?

Typically we require a 2 page project/technology overview, 2-page CV and a letter of support from your department head.

What is the time commitment?

Faculty who are selected to the Entrepreneurial Learning Academy commit to attending class weekly for 2-hours per week for both the Fall and Spring semesters.

What if I have to miss an occasional class?

We understand that faculty life is hectic and the occasional conflict will arise: conferences, committee meetings.  However, just like the classes that you teach, each session is unique and covers new material.

As an ELA alumni, can I take the class again?

Absolutely, and it’s in fact encouraged!  Faculty are eligible to take ELA again so long as they are bringing a new idea/technology.

Who are some faculty in my college/school who have participated in the past?

In the 12 year history of ELA, we’ve had almost 150 faculty take part from every college on campus.  Here are just a few who you could reach out to:




Yung-Hsiang Lu


Electrical and Computer Engineering

You-Yeon Won


Chemical Engineering

Zachary Weber


Pharmacy Practice

Mohammad Rahman



Bryan Hubbard


Construction Management Technology

Christian Butzke


Food Science

Riyi Shi

Veterinary Medicine

Basic Medical Sciences

Jasmine Begeske


Educational Studies

Sandra Sydnor

Health and Human Sciences

Hospitality and Tourism

What is the purpose of ELA?

The Faculty Entrepreneurial Learning Academy is a resource support program for Purdue faculty who have entrepreneurial interests.

This program, initially funded as part of the Kauffman Campus Initiatives, has five goals:

  1. Increase technology commercialization on the Purdue campus through education about the resources and support available at Purdue and the Purdue Research Park
  2. Enhance the capabilities of faculty who are interested in leading interdisciplinary research programs, centers and partnerships that might lead to translational activities
  3. Support faculty who are interested in developing entrepreneurial courses or research projects
  4. Create a network of faculty with shared entrepreneurial interests
  5. Introduce faculty to discussions about leadership skills and contribute to the cadre of the next generation of faculty leaders