What is the Faculty Entrepreneurial Learning Academy?

The ELA is a fun professional development program designed for strongly motivated faculty who have an interest in understanding the commercialization possibilities for their research, learning, or engagement activities.  Most faculty wouldn’t consider themselves entrepreneurs, but many of the skills are similar.  As a faculty (entrepreneur): you run your own small group (company), you hire graduate students (employees), you write grants (raise funding), and you need to pitch your ideas to administrators (investors).

The program introduces faculty to the vast resources available throughout the Purdue entrepreneurial ecosystem, provides them with the essential skill sets needed for entrepreneurs and innovators, and offers a venue for extensive networking opportunities. ELA provides faculty fellows with a comprehensive understanding on how to incorporate their entrepreneurial concepts and innovations into commercial opportunities.

Faculty enter ELA with an idea or a technology they want to explore.  We spend the academic year teaching business concepts that can be applied to the potential future venture.  Each year we get very positive feedback from faculty.  A few quotes below:

“In all my years at Purdue, this is one of the funnest things I’ve done.”
“I’m really having a lot of fun being a student again.”
“This wasn’t what I expected but I’m having a great time.”