Deliberate Innovation for Faculty Fellows (DIFFs)

The Deliberate Innovation for Faculty Fellows (DIFFs) program has been developed as a foremost intellectual activity operating at this nexus. DIFFs network with faculty colleagues in designated domains of research activity to understand Purdue capabilities, connect faculty research with the marketplace to help guide research decisions, connect across research domains, and catalyze proposal efforts that incorporate entrepreneurship and translational considerations into nascent research. More fundamentally, the BDMCE seeks to make Purdue a national leader in the translation of research to practical impact and in targeting research to achieve the most good. In this regard, DIFF activities are fundamental in learning what information faculty need to make the best research decisions and in fostering the highest impact university-based research and development system. The DIFF program requires highly entrepreneurial and innovative faculty that possess superlative research skills, are willing to quickly learn about the other disciplines and research efforts, and seek to catalyze systematic improvements to the university-based research system. DIFF faculty will closely partner with the Purdue Foundry to help develop the interface between research and startup companies.