BME 595 Biomedship

Through extensive customer engagement, Biomedship teams are able to validate potential applications of their technology. This immersive 16-week course is designed to avoid building a product that no one wants; the number one reason startups fail. Teams - composed of graduate students in science, technology, engineering, and management - participate in the course via online instruction, classroom discussion, and customer discovery interviews. Teams are expected to complete at least fifteen customer interviews every two weeks, which means that, over the semester, teams will have contact with over 100 potential customers and stakeholders.

Benefits of Biomedship

  • Define clinical utility and a distinct value proposition for your technology before investing significant time and money;
  • Understand your technology’s core and secondary customers, purchase influences, and best channels to reach and retain customers;
  • Learn the regulatory and reimbursement processes required for initial clinical sales and downstream commercialization;
  • Identify key activities, resources, and partners that would be needed to bring technology closer to commercialization;
  • Know the data that will be required by future partners and collaborators before doing the science;
  • Understand the most important associated costs and identify a revenue model.