Burton D. Morgan Business Model Competition

The Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship at Purdue University organizes an annual Business Model Competition.

Registration for the 2020 competition is now open HERE.

Callouts for the 2020 iteration will be:

Thursday 9/19 6:00 PM @ KRANG018

Friday 9/20 6:00 PM @ WALC 1132

The competition format provides participants with an opportunity to develop and improve transferable skills that will serve them well within this specific competition but also be valuable throughout their career journey.  The workshops, seminars, and training provided for participants are delivered by different organizations across Purdue University (Purdue Foundry, Krannert School of Management, Purdue Polytechnic, Communications, etc).  This element to the Business Model Competition introduces the students to new frameworks, methodologies, and approaches that they can apply in future endeavors.

Please reach out to bmc@purdue.edu with any questions.