Message from the Purdue Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

We live in an era of exponential advances in science and technology. It is a time when global trends present the planet with wicked problems that are broad, challenging and complex. The answers require comprehensive solutions from integrated, big science.

At Discovery Park, we answer the call to global challenges by focusing on disruptive innovation at the convergence of traditional STEM disciplines and novel digital solutions. As a world class STEM institution that is keenly focused on societal impact, Purdue University is uniquely suited to foster creative, comprehensive solutions. We bring these institutional strengths together to tackle global challenges and deliver large solutions.

Discovery Park is an open laboratory for interdisciplinary collaboration focused on the grand challenges of global health and those that lie at the nexus of sustainable energy, world food supply, water and the environment. It is a hub where researchers move beyond traditional boundaries, collaborating across disciplines and with policy makers and business leaders to create solutions for a better world.

Our mission is to accelerate world-changing interdisciplinary research, advance transformative education and enhance the commercialization activities of faculty, students and staff.

We invite you to explore the game-changing research happening in Discovery Park, visit our campus facilities and partner with Purdue University at Discovery Park.

- Tomás Díaz de la Rubia