In 2001, Purdue University's Discovery Park was just an idea, launched with a $5 million commitment from the state of Indiana for a nanotechnology center.

Today, it's more than a $1.15 billion research and learning complex of centers and institutes, where faculty and students use an interdisciplinary approach to tackle the global challenges.

In 2001, the Lilly Endowment helped give birth to Discovery Park through a $26 million gift. From that, the first centers were launched: the Bindley Bioscience Center; the Birck Nanotechnology Center; the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship; the Center for Advanced Manufacturing; the Discovery Learning Research Center and the e-Enterprise Center.

Four years later, the Lilly Endowment challenged Purdue to expand the mission of Discovery Park and contributed another $25 million. Thanks to that investment, Purdue created the Cyber Center, Energy Center, Center for the Environment and Oncological Sciences Center. The Regenstrief Center, which applies engineering, systems management and science principles to the nation's growing healthcare problem, became another major center in 2008.

Leveraging Lilly Endowment's investment, Discovery Park has created an innovative environment where major global challenges are examined objectively, generating new ideas and direction for future generations. The centers are housed in Discovery Park buildings, offering some the most advanced research facilities on any university campus:

  • The $58 million Birck Nanotechnology Center
  • The $15 million Bindley Bioscience Center with the addition of
  • The $16 million Multidisciplinary Cancer Research Facility
  • The $7 million Burton D. Morgan Entrepreneurship Center
  • The $12 million Gerald D. and Edna E. Mann Hall
  • The $25 million Hall for Discovery and Learning Research
  • The  $28 million Drug Discovery Facility

Discovery Park has helped Purdue establish strong relationships with universities and institutions from around the world, and has become a key gateway for entrepreneurship activities for the university. Discovery Park's centers are tackling global challenges through meaningful interdisciplinary collaborations, collectively working side by side with each other and drawing researchers and industry to partner on research.

We invite you to experience how Discovery Park is meeting the evolving demands for the 21st century. Please visit our research centers websites for more information.