Ambassadors Program

The Discovery Park Graduate Student Ambassador Program is an organized program supported by the Birck Nanotechnology Center, Bindley Bioscience Center, Energy Center and Discovery Park Engagement. The mission of the program is to represent Discovery Park with the highest level of scientific integrity and professionalism at all engagement events and activities. The program consists of 21 graduate students with high-level research capabilities that make them qualified for engagement and leadership roles within each center and reflect the diverse and collaborative nature of the centers. The ambassadors' expected responsibilities include Discovery Park tours, engagement activities/events, K-12 workshops and industry engagement opportunities identified by the Engagement Coordinator.

Discovery Park tours are available upon request.

If interested in becoming a Discovery Park Ambassador, contact Kayla Burke at:

Kayla Burke
Administrative Assistant
Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship, Office MRGN 120C
1201 W. State St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2057
Office: 765-496-6103 | Mobile: 765-426-8504 | Email: