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Mildred Elizabeth Edmundson Research Grant

Request for Mildred Elizabeth Edmundson Research Grant Proposals

Proposal Deadline: Dec 15, 2014

Start Date: Feb 1, 2015

Total Funds Available: $30,000

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The Purdue Women’s Global Health Institute (WGHI) and Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) requests proposals of outstanding scientific merit addressing translational research of women’s health issues focusing on one or more of the following: wellness, neurodegenerative disorders, bone health, and women’s cancers. Proposals focusing on prevention and early detection instead of treatment are highly encouraged. All funded project teams are expected to gather preliminary data to submit competitive applications to external funding agencies, or to seek support from an outside organization (e.g. companies, foundations, etc.) for continuation of the research. Matching funds are encouraged.


Research team may request up to $15,000.


The PIs must be tenured/tenure-track, research, or clinical faculty at or above the assistant professor rank at Purdue University. Funds are restricted to Purdue’s West Lafayette campus personnel only.

Budget Restrictions:

  1. Faculty salary is not allowed.
  2. Travel (limited to $2000) and clerical support require detailed justification.
  3. Indirect costs are not allowed.

Application Guidelines:

  1. Face Page:
  • Proposal title and designated category (wellness, neurodegenerative disorders, bone health, or women’s cancers)
  • Name, affiliation, and contact information of communicating PI and participants
  • Total budget requested
  • Institutional support with signatures from the PIs, Department Head, and Dean
  1. Abstract: A brief summary of the proposed work, addressing specifically the roles of participants and how this award will facilitate external funding applications (300 words or less)
  2. Research Plan (single spaced using 11 point font or larger with 1 inch margins on all sides.  Not to exceed three pages. Reference list is not included in the three page limit). Please avoid technical jargon and do not directly cut-and-paste from other grant proposals.
  • Specific aims of the project
  • Background and significance
  • Research approach
  • Relevance to women’s health
  • Milestones, including plans of seeking external funding
  • Timeline of potential translation to human subjects in the future
  1. Biosketches (NIH style)
  2. Current and pending support for each participant. Please make clear why pilot funding is needed in addition to funds currently available to the PI, especially if there is currently active funding from the WGHI and/or Indiana CTSI.
  3. Budget Justification

Review Criteria

Reporting Requirements for Awardees:

  • At the time of award, provide all the WGHI required investigator/study information
  • Acknowledge the WGHI and the CTSI funding in all presentations/publications that benefitted from this award.
  • Periodically during the award, as required by the WGHI Internal Steering Committee,  and at end of award provide a report containing the following information:
    • Metrics progress statement
    • Statement of obstacles
    • Publications, grants submitted and/or funded that based on data generated by this award
  • Meet with the WGHI Internal Steering Committee (ISC) to discuss project progress and research goals.
  • For up to 5 years after the completion of the award and as requested by the WGHI and the CTSI provide publications, citation, and information about grants submitted and/or funded that used data generated by this award.

Nominations will be reviewed and ranked by the WGHI ISC before being selected and recommended to the Project Development Team (PDT) of the CTSI. The PDT will meet with the investigators for final approval for funding. An online application system will be available through the WGHI website (http://www.purdue.edu/womensglobalhealth) starting December 1, 2014. For questions regarding the grant or the application process, please contact Luanne Bermel (lmi@purdue.edu, 496-9316), Connie Weaver (weavercm@purdue.edu, 494-8237) or Tommy Sors (tsors@purdue.edu, 494-1678).

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