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Symposium Agenda

WGHI 2015 High Tea Agenda

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1:00 pm

Welcome & WGHI Update

Connie Weaver, Director of the WGHI, Distinguished Professor and Head of Nutrition Science, Purdue University

MRGN 121

1:15 pm

“Customizable, Self-assembling Collagen-Fibril Materials for Next-Generation Engineered Tissue Products and Therapeutic Cell/Molecular Delivery”

Sherry Harbin, Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University

1:45 pm

“Doing the Right Thing for Global Women’s Health – The Antenatal Corticosteroids Story that Turned Implementation Science on its Head”

Patricia Hibberd, Global Health, Harvard University

2:30 pm

High Tea

Burton Morgan Café

Symposium: Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Gut Microbiome

MRGN 121

3:00 pm

“Can we and should we change your microbiome? -- Lessons Learned from Probiotic Trials: A Road to Therapy”

Patricia Hibberd, Global Health, Harvard University

3:30 pm

“Probiotics, Immune System and Bone – Mechanisms of Sex Differences”

Laura McCabe, Physiology, Michigan State University

4:00 pm

“Prebiotics, Bone and Immune Function”

Cindy Nakatsu, Agronomy, and Connie Weaver, Nutrition Science, Purdue University

4:30 pm

“Designer Prebiotics”

Bruce Hamaker, Food Science, Purdue University

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