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The Women’s Global Health Institute leverages many established relationships among existing centers and projects at Purdue University. This will allow the Center to launch efficiently into cross disciplinary areas of research. 

Bindley Bioscience Center

The Bindley Bioscience Center at Purdue University's Discovery Park provides an infrastructure to support interdisciplinary research. Laboratory space and high-end equipment is shared and available to support diverse projects ranging from cancer and other complex diseases to technology development. Staff provides research consultation and technical support to enable rapid and effective technology implementation, feasibility studies, and creation of pilot data in support of new project ideas. Research core support services operate in conjunction with original research projects.

Botanicals Research Center for Age-Related Diseases

NIH funded Dietary Botanicals Supplements Center at Purdue to study the effectiveness and mechanism of action of polyphenolic compounds purported to reduce the risk of cancer, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, cognitive function, and other age-related diseases.

Breast Cancer Discovery Group

The goal of the breast cancer Discovery group at the Purdue Center for Cancer Research is to foster a multidisciplinary approach for the design of strategies to prevent breast cancer, detect early stages of the disease, and provide new therapies for breast cancer.  The breast cancer discovery group is committed to working across disciplines and collaborating with clinicians to develop translational studies.

Building Better Bones:  A Calcium and Bone Health Study

Building Better Bones is a research study sponsored by Dairy Management, Inc., the research and education wing of the national Dairy Council.  Participants include boys and girls in 4th-8th grade.  The purpose of the study is to investigate the effect of dairy supplementation on bone health in normal weight and overweight boys and girls.

Camp Calcium

Camp Calcium is a research program (organized as a summer camp) in which calcium metabolism in adolescents is studied. Results from the previous 10 camps have been used in part to form the dairy recommendations for the U.S. Department of Agriculture's food pyramid. Over the years, researchers have learned a great deal about how young people of all races process calcium differently. Studies have also confirmed that calcium intake during the adolescent years can shape bone health for the remainder of a person's life.

Center for Paralysis Research

The Center for Paralysis (CPR) is a component of the School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM), Purdue University. The Mission of the CPR is to develop clinical Therapies for Injury and Diseases of the Human Nervous System.

Center for Poverty and Health Disparities

The Center for Poverty and Health Disparities at Purdue University focuses on research and outreach projects that seek to reduce health disparities in Indiana, United States and around the world. The center collaborates with the Indiana State Department of Health, Indiana Minority Health Coalition, Northwest Indiana Health Disparities Initiative and other community groups with the goal of understanding health disparities and developing community-based partnerships in addressing them. The center's goal is to examine health-care disparities in Indiana, the United States and globally by connecting research projects to specific policies and interventions

Cancer Prevention Internship Program

The Cancer Prevention Interdisciplinary Education Program is a National Cancer Institute funded program to faculty partnering with the Oncological Sciences Center and the Discovery Learning Center.  The program provides support and curricular activities for undergraduate and graduate students with the goal of attracting and training researchers in the area of cancer prevention.  The program is designed to support research activities, and provide educational and research opportunities that will support continued student interest and maximize abilities to advance cancer prevention research, including enhance the ability of the students to work in interdisciplinary teams.  These efforts to train students will provide a new pool of researchers that will aid in encouraging optimal progress in cancer prevention research, ultimately to significantly reducing the development of cancers and subsequent cancer deaths.

Center on Aging and the Life Course

The Center on Aging and the Life Course seeks to promote aging-related research and education at Purdue University that uses a life course perspective to enhance the length and quality of life.  The CALC focuses on interdisciplinary research and education on aging.

Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute

The mission of the Indiana CTSI is to increase translational biomedical research and improve the health of people of Indiana and beyond.  The overall goal is to transform the Indiana institutions to create an environment that facilitates the conduct of clinical and translational science research. The CTSI has developed new mechanisms to accelerate translational research, streamlined all available research infra-structure to accelerate translational projects, and partnered with commercial and philanthropic organizations in Indiana. The Indiana CTSI brings together the resources of academic, commercial, and community groups across the state. It provides a "home" to investigators with expertise in a wide range of fields relevant to clinical and translational research.

Global Policy Research Institute

The Global Policy Research Institute (GPRI) at Purdue increases the visibility of Purdue's research findings and enhances the impact of the University's discoveries for the common good. The Global Policy Research Institute will create a vibrant community of faculty experts, students, policymakers and media representatives convening to discuss pressing public issues, a venue for interdisciplinary, evidence -based collaboration in policy-relevant research, new capacities for timely analysis with briefings, conferences and symposia, and an agenda that addresses emerging national and global needs while building on Purdue's strengths and research priorities.

Ingestive Behavior Research Center

The Ingestive Behavior Research Center (IBRC) was organized at Purdue University to promote and coordinate interdisciplinary collaborations among laboratories that investigate the environmental and biological controls of food and fluid intake. The Center integrates sophisticated analyses of the physiological, nutritional, developmental, genetic, sensory, socio-economic, and experiential determinants of food and fluid intake with the rigorous assessment of appetitive and consummatory behaviors in human and nonhuman animal models.

International Breast Cancer and Nutrition Project

The international breast cancer and nutrition (IBCN) project is focused on breast cancer prevention research to inform health communication, interventions, and public policy. This project benefits from a global perspective through the establishment of culturally aware multidisciplinary and international collaborations. The mission of the IBCN project is to develop an international multidisciplinary collaborative program to identify the impact of nutrition on breast cancer development and recurrence and to elucidate the cellular and molecular mechanisms, including genomics (genetic and epigenetic influence), involved in nutrients-induced breast tissue alterations and cancer development. The anticipated outcomes of this program are the development of strategies to diminish breast cancer incidence and/or incidence of aggressive forms of breast cancer based on epidemiological and biological findings related to nutrition and an impact on public policies via information of the public and health authorities.

Oncological Sciences Center

The Oncological Sciences Center is the Discovery Park arm of the Purdue Center for Cancer Research at Purdue University. The mission of the Oncological Sciences Center at Purdue is to seek new opportunities, forge new partnerships, and nurture new relationships to advance cancer research beyond the laboratory.  The International Breast Cancer and Nutrition project and the Cancer Prevention Internship Program are active in the OSC.

Purdue Center for Cancer Research

The National Cancer Institute designated Purdue University Center for Cancer Research studies cancers at the cellular level to discover how they develop, progress and respond to treatment, finds ways to detect cancer sooner and treat it more effectively while sharing its work with scientists and physicians worldwide to save and enhance human lives.

Women's Resource Office

The mission of the Women's Resource Office is to help lead Purdue University to achieve equity, create a supportive campus climate, and provide a rich variety of opportunities for learning, professional growth, and leadership for all women students, staff, and faculty at the University.  Working in partnership with the Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence, the WRO focuses on promoting inclusive leadership through research, education and collaborations that help advance inclusion and broaden representation in the academic setting.

Women's Studies Program

The Women's Studies Program at Purdue University offers systematic attention to gender and women's experience in all aspects of life. The curriculum is committed to the scholarly understanding of difference and diversity through interdisciplinary courses that lead to an undergraduate major and minor, as well as a graduate minor. The program reexamines the traditional disciplines and explores complex bodies of knowledge. Courses address the intersection of gender with factors such as race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and nationality in U.S. and global contexts.

Vitamin D and Calcium Metabolism in Adolescents

This ongoing research study at Purdue University is designed to find out if taking vitamin D supplements will help children build strong bones. The type of information collected will provide important information about growing children and their potential to be healthy teens and adults.

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