150 years of giant leaps in research

Take Giant Leaps

In celebration of Purdue University’s sesquicentennial we present a culmination of 150 years of research and discovery and the engaging questions which accompany technological change through the lens of the Ideas Festival events and resulting exchange of ideas.

Questions like: What if ... machines thought like humans, … we find intelligent life beyond earth, we could hear gravity, self-driving cars made moral judgements, artificial intelligence wages war, our future was more secure and what if the sky is not the limit?

As we explore questions like these we enlighten our minds and add knowledge to the noble cause of discovery.


Space Exploration

Artificial intelligence

Health & Longevity

Sustainable Economy & Planet

Our land grant heritage

Purdue University’s Sesquicentennial celebration is a time to reintroduce Purdue's people — past, present, and future — to the world. It’s a time to redefine the scope of land-grant universities and challenge global leaders to take GIANT LEAPS in solving worldwide problems.

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