When I register am I immediately entered in the Symposium?

When registration closes, the applications are sent to the respective colleges for approval. If your applications approved you will receive a follow up email regarding event information and scoring.

How do I make and present a research poster?

Below is a presentation on creating and presenting effective posters by Dr. Karen Plaut, PhD. For further instruction, you should consult your faculty advisor.

Download the PowerPoint presentation

Who is the audience for DiscoverU?

DiscoverU is open to the public including students, faculty, administration and any guests you wish to invite. The whole event is open, including the judging and awards ceremony.

Who will judge my poster?

Faculty members from your college will be judging your poster.

Why should I participate in DiscoverU?

The symposium is a public forum that showcases the research of our undergraduate students. Being a part of what makes Purdue excellent prepares you for future experiences where you will need to present and apply your work. The feedback from judges will prove invaluable in your efforts to present your work in the future.