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Kui Zhang
PhD student

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PhD student

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Daniel Jensen
PhD Physics

Sara Luz Gómez
visiting student from U. Antioquia

Jonathan Nafziger
PhD Physics


Martín Mosquera
PhD Chemistry

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Michael Mack
M.A. Chemistry

Rougang Tang
M.A. Chemistry

Yu Zhang
2009 - 2011



1979 - 1980 Jardín Infantil Rafael Pombo
1980 - 1989 Colegio Refous
1989 - 1992 Colegio de La Salle
1993 - 1999 Universidad Nacional de Colombia, B. Sc.
2000 - 2005 Rutgers University, PhD.
2005 - 2008 Harvard University, Postdoctoral Fellow.


2012 NSF-CAREER award
2012 QSCP Promising Scientist Prize
2013 ACS OpenEye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award
2013 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow
2014 Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar

Kelsie Niffenegger

Yan Oueis


2012 - 2015 University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, B. S. Chemistry


  1. QSARs for phenols and phenolates: oxidation potential as a predictor of reaction rate constants with photochemically produced oxidants,  Environ. Sci.: Processes Impacts 19, 324 (2017).

Email: youeis[at]

Curriculum vitae: link

Kui Zhang

I am a graduate student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. I received my B.S. and M.S degrees in Physics from Sun Yat-sen University and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, separately. I joined Wasserman group in the spring of 2017. My research interest lies in the development and application of partition density functional theory (PDFT). I am trying to develop a scheme for generating pseudopotentials from PDFT.

Email: zhan2382[at]

Kaili Jiang

I got my B.S. degree in physics in 2011 from Peking University. I have been a member of this group since summer 2013. My research interest is nonadditive non-interacting kinetic energy in PDFT. I am also doing some research on verifying Virial theorem in PDFT.


  1. Accurate reference data for the nonadditive, noninteracting kinetic energy in covalent bonds, Jonathan Nafziger, Kaili Jiang, and Adam Wasserman,  J. Chem. Theory Comput. 13, 577 (2017).
  2. The importance of being inconsistent, Adam Wasserman, Jonathan Nafziger, Kaili Jiang, Min-Cheol Kim, Eunji Sim, and Kieron Burke. Annual Review of Physical Chemistry68, 555 (2017).

Email: jiang219[at]

Adam Kleine

Victor H. Chávez

Raised in the “place of corn tortillas” but graduated from the “place of la silla”. 
Dirac got me into physics, Von Neumann bashing him got me into theory but being tired of pipetting got me into DFT. 
Currently looking at how to translate fundamental ideas from DFT into Fragments while endlessly fretting on v-representability.

Email: gonza445[at]