Signature Programs


Beginning Farmer

This program will walk through a farm planning workbook that will help a farmer determine their mission and vision, define their assets, set goals, and outline activities to achieve their goals. The objective of this program is to support your clients get organized, not waste money and resources so that they can focus their efforts on creating successful and viable farm enterprises.

| Dr. Tamara Benjamin
(765) 496-1930

| Amy Thompson
(812) 349-2575


Beginning Livestock & Poultry 101

This program covers multiple aspects of livestock and poultry production in order to raise healthy livestock and poultry for personal use or as a commercial business. Topics will include purposes of different species, processing, marketing and budgeting. More specific sessions on sheep, goats, cattle, swine, poultry, rabbits/cavies, and equine will also be held.

| Mark Kepler
(574) 223-3397

| Dr. Marissa Erasmus
(765) 496-3886


Grass to Garden

This program will equip communities, often composed of diverse audiences with little or no exposure to Purdue Extension, with interdisciplinary education and programming aimed at making successful agricultural and community development efforts and healthier communities with improved access to local food.

| Karen Mitchell
(765) 474-0793

| Lauren Thieme
(765) 747-7732


Farmers Market Certificate

This program covers multiple aspects of a successful farmers market for both market managers and market vendors. Content of the course includes market regulations, food safety, liability, sustaining a stable market, food assistance programs, and conflict management. This program promotes networking and follows outline of our Market Manager Toolkit and Market Vendor Toolkit publications.

| James Wolff
(260) 481-6826

| Amanda Baird
(765) 675-1177

| Amanda Mosiman
(812) 897-6101

Feeding young llamas at Trinity Acres Farm in Darlington, Ind.

Keeping the Business in the Family

This program takes a holistic approach to succession in farm and family businesses. This signature program delves into strategic management, relationships, conflict management, managing stress, and ends with writing down a timeline and roadmap for the ownership and management transfer processes.

| Maria Marshall

| Renee Wiatt
(765) 496-9051

Signature Programs


Indiana Organic Grain Farmers Meeting

Hosted by Purdue Extension, the Indiana Organic Grain Farmer Meeting increases participant understanding of organic transition, certification, and cropping systems through peer learning and networking. This two-day annual training includes education and full-day workshops on transitioning to organic grain, breakout sessions, farmer panels, networking time, and an industry trade show. Participants have the opportunity to register for one or both days of the program.

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Indiana Small Farm Conference

The Indiana Small Farm Conference serves as the annual educational and farmer-to-farmer networking event for the Indiana small and diversified farm community. First held in 2013, the conference now hosts over 500 attendees, 50 exhibitors, and a variety of national speakers. We look forward to continuing to build this growing conference in partnership with the small and diversified farm community of Indiana!

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Urban Agriculture Certificate

The Urban Agriculture Certificate is a 100% online program developed by Purdue Extension where students receive in-depth instruction for urban crop production from farm design through harvest techniques. This certificate is tailored to the dynamics of urban agriculture for small scale and close to non-agriculture land.

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Farmers Market

The Market Basket 360 initiative assembled comprehensive resources for Farmers’ Markets in Indiana, including technical assistance for market managers, education for market vendors and interactive learning events for market attendees. Market Basket 360 produced two major publications related to farmers markets: Market Manager Toolkit and Market Vendor Toolkit. The Market Manager Toolkit is a comprehensive guide for market managers on developing and operating a successful farmers market. The Market Vendor Toolkit helps vendors navigate the rules of farmers markets and provides strategies for market sales.

Customers pick blueberries at Annie's Orchard outside West Lafayette, Ind. on Thursday, June 28, 2018.

Jr. Master Gardener

(In Development)
More information coming soon.

Harvest at Trinity Acres Farm in Darlington, Ind.

Urban Farming

(In Development)
More information coming soon.


Purdue Extension

Urban Agriculture aims to raise awareness of raising food in urban or suburban areas. Whether its a schoolyard chicken coop, a vacant lot, or an entrepreneur's acre supplying restaurants and farmers market, we will help make it happen!

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North Central Region SARE administers several grant programs for a variety of audiences and programs that focus on research and education. Access their website and the application by clicking the link below.

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Urban Agriculture partners with many agencies across Indiana to support you as a diversified or beginning farmer, help you connect with other locals, and more.

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