Photo of people in field with the words, "Summer Organic Agriculture Program Series" on top.


The Summer Organic Agriculture Program Series was developed to provide an opportunity for farmers and agricultural professionals to gain knowledge of organic grain production systems, see different systems of organic management, and to network with others.  Topics of discussion include transitional strategy, crop rotation, nutrient and weed management, and markets targeted for organic transitional and conventional farmers, agricultural professionals and landowners.

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Plans for the 2021 Summer Program Series are currently under careful development due to uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. All future programming will abide by health guidelines and expectations provided by Purdue University Extension, and could potentially be held virtually.

Previous Field Day Activities

Previous field day programs have included firsthand experiences with organic row crops, split certified and organic operations, the Indiana State Chemist's Office, hemp research plots, and much more. Past highlights include:

  • Viewing organic row crop equipment
  • Walking fields of organic and conventional crops, and corn plots interseeded with cover crops at V5
  • Learning strategies for organic grain transition and management
  • Connecting with the Indiana State Chemist's Office and learning about critical organic fertilizer application rules
  • And enjoying lunch and networking time

Program Series Impact

The 2019 Summer Organic Agriculture Program series was attended by nearly 200 participants over the three days of programming.

  • 83% of respondents reported that they would apply ideas learned during the programs to their farm operation or agricultural business/organization
  • 94% of participants indicated that they planned to share any relevant information they learned during programs with other individuals
  • Of those who operated a farm, 92% of respondents said they planned to use information they learned to develop or make changes to their organic transition plan or current organic/transition grain production

"It helps to see others going in the same organic direction as I am."

- Series Attendee

"Great to see how local farmers are farming organically."

- Series Attendee

"The program was very informative and the presenters did a great job!"

- Series Attendee