The Market Basket 360 initiative has assembled comprehensive resources for farmers markets in Indiana, including technical assistance for market managers, education for market vendors, and interactive learning events for market attendees. This initiative addresses three Extension strategic initiatives: Expanding agriculture-related opportunities; strengthening workforce, business, and economic development; and promoting healthy living. Contact the educator in your county to learn more about upcoming opportunities and events in your area.


Purdue Extension is coordinating learning, networking and outreach resources and activities for vendors across Indiana. Peer to peer learning from vendors, coordination of events with County Health Departments and annual events to engage market vendors in learning key changes to food safety regulations and resources that will help vendors sell well at their market.

Winter 2017-18 Farmers Market Vendor Learning Series

If you are a farmers market vendor, Purdue Extension is coordinating a winter learning series, hosted in more than 25 Counties. Sessions include online webinar, in-house learning activities and networking. Join in a county near you!

Purdue Resources

What you need to know about selling at farmers’ markets – two part publication for vendors as part of the Horticulture Business program, led by Dr. Ariana Torres
Check out these amazing videos from Market Vendors to learn more about why to sell at a farmers market, pricing etiquette and community!

Market Managers

Farmers markets are a complex and ever-changing business, and market managers are critical to their success. What other business builds and takes down its storefront every week? To create a successful market, market managers must work with farmers, community groups, consumers, media, and city and county officials, as well as regulators and agencies to ensure the market is safe and fun for all. This complex job is often performed by a passionate volunteer and a strong, local network of stakeholders. Purdue Extension’s Market Basket 360 has assembled a number of resources for market managers and hosts an annual learning and networking event, the Farmers’ Market Forum. These materials are available to help a market manager master the many tasks and unravel the complexities involved in running a thriving market.

Purdue Resources

Food Safety Regulations for Farmers’ Markets – This Purdue Extension publication covers the regulatory environment for farmers’ markets in Indiana.

Starting a Farmers’ Market – This Purdue Extension publication covers a general process for getting a farmers market started in your community.

Farmers’ Market Vending: A guide for Indiana Specialty Crop Producers – Jodee Ellett – This manual is designed for vendors and market managers who want to understand more about selling specialty crops at the farmers market. Chapters on market identification, joining a market, legal issues, going to market, making a sale and professionalism are incorporated into this short, easy-to-read manual.

Farmers Market Price Reports – Dr. Ariana Torres from Horticulture Business program is working with partners across Indiana to build our information resources on market prices. This information will help farmers, markets and consumers understand price fluctuations and seasonal availability of product.

Market Manager Guide Resources – A list of resources used in the Market Manager Guide and referenced in the back of the manual.


Customers drive farmers markets. Materials developed by the Market Basket 360 program address two types of consumers: Those who are already frequent customers of farmers markets and those who have interest in shopping at the market but need more information. Purdue Extension’s Market Basket 360 team has created materials for organizing on-site cooking demonstrations and off-site farm tours that will help farmers market managers better relate to and engage their current and potential customer base. These materials promote healthy lifestyles, educate consumers on how to prepare and cook locally grown foods, and provide relationship-building opportunities both at the market and in farm settings.

Purdue Resources

FoodLink – The Purdue Extension FoodLink database will connect consumers at your market with accurate, up-to-date information about healthy food that can be grown and purchased at Indiana’s farmers markets. Customers can learn how to select food at the market (colors, texture, shapes), how to store it when they get home, how to clean and do basic preparation for fresh eating and find important links to food preservation information, nutritional profile and instructional videos for preparation.