Indiana GrownBuying local food in Indiana has never been easier. In July 2015, the Indiana State Department of Agriculture launched a free marketing program to allow Indiana food products to be labeled as “Indiana Grown.” This label allows Hoosier consumers to recognize local products easily, whether at a co-op, farmer’s market or even at grocery stores. Specific Indiana Grown food products can easily be located with the user-friendly search option, “Crop Stalker” at the Indiana Grown website. Try it out here.

The goal of Indiana Grown is to create new local and regional market channels for Indiana agricultural and food businesses by focusing on: the education of consumers regarding the importance of buying and eating locally; increasing networking and sales opportunities for Indiana farmers; and expanding support for Indiana processors to increase product availability.

Indiana Grown has four classifications:

  • 100% Indiana – product must be grown and/or all ingredients from Indiana
  • Prepared in Indiana – product ingredients can be source elsewhere, but 100% of production is in Indiana
  • Partner – Company or Institution that will assist in marketing Indiana Grown products and members
  • Indiana Grown – All others

Why join? Indiana Grown is fostering a network of consumers, farmers, businesses and institutions who value the opportunity to purchase and support Indiana’s farmers. This is a fantastic program with great support from the Indiana State Department of Agriculture for everyone in Indiana.