Federal and regional granting agencies and organizations have money available for local food system projects. Some grants are for farmers to add value to farm products they produce. Some are for farmers’ markets, or for non-profit agencies. Local foundation dollars can often be leveraged for larger grants or to address an initiative like doubling food dollars for SNAP recipients at the Farmers’ Market.

Purdue Extension can help you connect to the grant information for food systems and also provide the training and education you might need to start, complete or manage a grant. These two webinars, designed to introduce you to the process and the basic components of an application will help you start.

FoodSupplyChainFactSheetA change in federal policy in the 2014 Farm Bill increased funding for local food related projects by $500 million from 2014-19. Funds are available for a very broad range of recipients and this can be difficult to navigate. If you are able to define what organization you are, what your needs are and what you need money to do, this USDA chart is a fantastic tool to help you find the names of the grants where you might qualify to apply.

Another great resource with clickable links to grant pages, organizes grants by where you are working in the food supply chain. This is from the Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Initiative.

Local Food Systems can also benefit from local money. Consider seeking funding from  your Community Foundation or regional Hospital Foundation. Often they have programs for grants to address social need in the community such as food access, healthy eating, youth education, economic investment and entrepreneurship.

Learn more about writing grants by starting with the two webinars below. If you are interested in additional training for grant writing, in general, plan to attend one of Purdue Extension’s Beginner’s Guide to Grant Writing Workshops.

Kris Parker, Regional Community Development Educator presents our webinars on grants, above.

 Writing a Successful Grant Proposal – this thorough, 12 page publication details the process; written by Drs. Maria Marshall, Aaron Johnson and Joan Fulton, published by Purdue Extension.

Jodee Ellett serves as the State Trainer for AMSTA – the Agricultural Marketing Service Technical Assistance for the Farmers’ Market and Local Food Promotion Program Grants. Each winter, we conduct a workshop and/or a series of webinars to assist with the process of applying for one of these larger, federal grants. We work hand in hand with the Purdue Extension Educators in your County for this technical assistance.