DSC_2194-001Visiting the farm with your family can offer everyone a great insight into how food is grown, where it comes from and what a farm lifestyle might look like. In Indiana, we have over 200 agritourism operations, some are U-pick, some are more like a store, some have lots of activities for the whole family. Often they are seasonal and the season depends on what they grow!

If you would like to find a farm to visit where you can pick your own produce, there are a number of sites to help you get there:

Pick-Your-Own website for great information on farm locations by state and county.

Farmer Maps has detailed driving directions that may help you find a farm when google maps cannot.

The USDA Directory of On-Farm Markets  is searchable by zip code, state, city, products or payment methods.

If you are a farmer looking to network and learn about on-farm markets with other farms, the Indiana Farm Market Association is a fantastic resource!