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High tunnels, also called high hoops or hoop houses, are temporary structures that extend the growing season.

One form of season extension, these resilient and low-cost options can help any farmer increase production, efficiency, and ultimately, profit. Keep an eye out for educational events on this page, our facebook page, and our event calendar.

All Things High Tunnel

The Penn State Extension Page

The Penn State Extension page on High Tunnels includes everything from production techniques to designs. Find more information than just high tunnels. It includes resources about plastic mulches, drip irrigation, and low tunnels.

Indiana High Tunnels Blog

The Indiana High Tunnels Blog is maintained by extension specialists with constant updates filled with plenty of information relevant to any farmer in Indiana.

High Tunnels.org

High Tunnels.org is a site for everything high tunnels. It includes production, pest and soil management, as well as information for growers and for educators.

Purdue Univiersity

Purdue University also has an entire site dedicated to season extension that includes past webinars and current resources.

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach