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Resources found on this page were compiled with the help of Dr. Peter Hirst

Grape Production:


Kentucky Grape Production Budgets:

The following three budgets from the University of Kentucky offer a detailed spreadsheet with quantity, unit and total cost amounts. In addition, the spreadsheets have a column for prospective or current vineyard owners to add in their own estimate of the costs. These budgets are for the first five years of establishing a vineyard.

Grape Price Surveys:

The following wine grape price surveys provide information for grape producers on the prices of grapes. Often this information can be difficult to gather for grape producers. These surveys collect price information from 590 wineries in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia. They also discuss winery sizes, grape procurement, grape purchasing and sales, collaboration in the industry and marketing strategies.

Other Resources:

Fruit Crops:

This Fruit Crops page by Dr. Peter Hirst includes resources and links about tree fruit, small fruit, grapes, and more. The Fruit Crops includes an extensive link of resources and publications covering Business and Marketing, Diseases, Environment, Fertility, Food Safety, Fruits and Nuts, Insects, Landscape, and more.