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Direct Cost Worksheet


DFA recommends students complete a worksheet to estimate how much they will be billed by Purdue and to estimate a balance due or refund amount after aid assignment and disbursement.

Step 1: Estimate your expected bills for tuition and fees and campus housing:

Tuition/Fees Estimate                                                                                   $___________
Campus Housing/Food Estimate                                                            +$___________
Total Estimated Billing (A)                                                                       = $ ___________ (A)

Step 2: List total expected financial aid awards you plan to receive as listed on your Financial Aid Eligibility Notice:

Grants and Scholarships Total (outside/private scholarships cannot be counted until actual funds are received)                                                                                                          $___________
Student Loan Total (if you plan to apply for student loans)                  +$___________
Parent Loan Total (if you plan to apply for parent loans)                      +$___________
Total Estimated Financial Aid (B)                                                            =$___________ (B)

Step 3: Subtract Total Estimated Financial Aid (B) from Total Estimated Billing (A) to determine estimated balance due or refund amount from Bursar:

Total Estimated Billing (A)                                                                        $___________ (A)
Total Estimated Financial Aid (B)                                                        – $___________ (B)
Estimated Balance Due or Excess Funds (Refund) Amount         =$___________ *

* If academic year figures are used, you will need to divide by two (2) to determine balance due or excess funds per semester. A positive amount reflects the estimated balance due, and a negative number reflects the estimated excess funds (refund) amount.