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Private Scholarship General Information

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Private scholarships (also known as outside awards) are monies provided by donors outside the University. Such awards may range from a few hundred dollars given by a local service club to several thousand dollars awarded by a corporation.

The internet is one of the best ways to identify private scholarship opportunities. Free scholarship search services are compiled on the www.finaid.org website. Most libraries have reference books that list private scholarship sources and criteria as well. High school students should also work with their guidance counselor for scholarship opportunities.

Nearly every town or city has service organizations or community foundations that offer college students financial assistance. Find out from the various organizations in your community if they have scholarships available, what the criteria are for selection of recipients, and how to apply.

If you receive a scholarship from a group or individual, inform them of your gratitude and your progress. A letter of thanks goes far toward encouraging renewal of these awards. You can find out more about the availability of private scholarships by doing a little research.

Students are required to report all private scholarships they expect to receive to the Division of Financial Aid. Private Scholarship Reporting can be done through your myPurdue account.

Beware of scholarship search firms that charge a fee for their services or "guarantee" a scholarship. Visit Finaid's Scholarship Scams page and/or Purdue's Division of Financial Aid information on Scholarship Scams for more information.

For your information, all awards greater than $600 are divided evenly and one-half applied to each semester (fall and spring) unless noted otherwise by the donor. Your financial aid package may be adjusted if you receive scholarships/grants from outside/private donors. Such items as the Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Work-Study, Federal Stafford Loan, and Federal Parent PLUS Loan may be reduced. A revised eligibility notice will be sent noting any financial aid eligibility changes.